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Are you looking for a secure locking system for your property? The Shut-Lok is a new type of lock made by Shut-Lok Ltd for efficiently locking roller shutter doors. Get in touch with us today.
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Unique multi-purpose locks in Greater Manchester

We primarily designed the Shut-Lok to provide you with a simple and more secure locking system for roller shutter doors. This lock is inserted into a hole drilled channel of the roller shutter door and it fills the shutter slat. Once in position, the key is rotated simultaneously causing a multiple actuation – the radial displacement of the two securing wings together with their axial movement towards the front of the lock. The unit is locked in place when the faces of the securing wings locate securely against the inside surface of the door channel. To find out how the Shut-Lok can help you secure your property and belongings, contact us today. We provide services across the whole of the UK including Wigan, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Liverpool, England, Europe and world wide.
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Some usage examples 

At Shut-Lok Ltd, we boast 194 unchallenged patents worldwide on the Shut-Lok. Our multi-purpose locks can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you wish to securely close the storage compartments of a transport vehicle or use it for securing a vending machine, The Shut-Lok is the right choice. It can help in locking collapsible parking posts and filling cabinets also. It can also help in protecting the removable or decorative materials used for your business advertisements. Whether you are based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Liverpool or North West England, Shut-Lok Ltd is here to help. 
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Advantages of using the Shut-Lok are:

  • Easy to fit
  • Portable to other locations
  • No keeper or receiver required
  • Fixable at any given height 
  • Secured inner space 
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Endless applications of the Shut-Lok

The lock can be used for a variety of applications. You can utilise the multi-purpose locks in security posts, gun cabinets, railway signal boxes, junction boxes, toughened glass, display cabinets, security safes, hitch locks, medicine cabinets, leisure centre lockers, ornamental and detachable hanging baskets, armoury, garden shed, security boxes in vehicles, storage bins, motorcycle lock, wood or metal, bicycle locks trailers, site boxes, jockey wheels, trailer locks, sliding glass cabinets, filing cabinet becomes a safe, toolboxes, garages, locks completely welded steel box, jack legs, plant machinery, fire safe cabinets, horse boxes, changing room lockers, locks computers to base, locks tills to base, and lockers. 
Shut-Lok Ltd offers security locks at affordable prices in Wigan, Greater Manchester and nationwide.
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